Lugano Percussion Ensemble (LPE)

The ensemble was first formed as Lugano Percussion Group at the Swiss Italian Conservatory (CSI) by Professor Mircea Ardeleanu, known for his numerous international specialization courses (particularly at Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music) and for his several recordings and world premieres of Stockhausen, Xenakis, Kurtág, Eotvos and Febel compositions.


Lugano Percussion Group focused on contemporary music with a particular attention to the fusion of musical and theatrical language elements and a continuous sound research.


After various concerts on the Swiss scene (Lausanne, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Winterthur, Lugano, Murten Expo.02, Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana), in 2002 the Group won a scholarship in Darmstadt for the International Summer Courses for New Music. In 2004 it took part in the "Martha Argerich Project" recording together with the famous pianist for the renowned record company Deutsche Grammophon.


Over the years, the Group has welcomed percussionists graduated from Milan and from Lugano’s CSI class of prof. Bernhard Wulff.


The new Lugano Percussion Ensemble, currently based in Lugano, includes six stable percussionists and it is often accompanied by four solo instruments: three pianos and a celeste. The ensemble mainly presents first executions of new compositions, especially of Swiss. On summer 2019, in Bolivia and Finland, two pieces by Swiss composer were performed.  Benjamin Lang Professor of composition  at HMT Rostock  composed "Canyon of Ölfusà" especially for the ensemble, similarly Mathias Steinauer, Swiss composer Professor at the ZHdk, dedicated his “L'arpentage des ones". Steinauer has strongly been supporting young Swiss musicians as well as this ensemble.

The Lugano Percussion Ensemble is planning concerts, commission and percussion masterclasses in Switzerland, Italy, Iran, Japan, China and Brazil. A tour in the U.S.A. will be done in 2021 season concerts.

Council - Board of Directors

Simone Mancuso (President, Music Director)

Luca Bruno (Director of operations)

Armand De Angelis (Secretary)


Gregorio Di Trapani (Manager, Vice President, founder and director of outreach and education)

Sho Kubota​ (Director of Communications)

Mathias Steinauer, Albert Toccaceli (Treasurer)

Qualified Personalities

Mathias Steinauer
(Professor of Composition at ZHdk Zurich)

Benjamin Lang
(Professor of Composition at HMT Rostock)

Jody Rockmaker
(Professor of Composition at Arizona State University)